Satin, Shwe-Shwe, Bath Bombs & Body Butters


Introducing the dynamic duo, mother & daughter team (Jo & Kiah Martin) and the faces behind the luxurious satin pillowcases of “Silkiks”.

Here is their story, (as told by mom, Jo): Silva Collection was born some 18 years ago when my love for fashion and my desire to have a small range of my own, got the better of me (I had had enough of corporate life, despite the brilliant career opportunities corporate life had blessed me with!).I started a small, simple range which I manufactured and outsourced.Today, I employ 4 ladies who have been with me for almost 8 years. They are responsible for the cutting, manufacturing and for producing good quality items. My range has grown into one which I supply to a few boutiques around the country, as well as stocking items in my showroom at home. 

After my daughter had matriculated, I said it was time for her to look at options at earning money  to assist her to becoming  a bit more independent (of course, we know what that hint meant!). Unfortunately, COVID hit shortly after, and the opportunity to either waitress or babysit were put on hold. Kiah spoke to me a few months earlier about developing a range of satin pillowcases to market. The timing was now perfect to offer a selection of satin pillowcases at an affordable price during financially challenging times for many. Kiah has been responsible for running this project which allows her to have a “small” taste of financial independence. As this product is sold at an affordable price point, I believe that it will have longevity. Who knows, perhaps I will have my daughter at my side at Silva. However, the path is for her to choose. But for now, I am excited  to play a role in assisting her with this awesome opportunity to market her pillowcases. 

These beautiful (& beautifully affordable!) satin pillowcases are available as part of the Mompreneur gift range on our online shop, throughout the month of May.

Pair together with an eye mask (SkyHome) and essential lavender oil (Lavender in Lavender Hill) for the perfect “Peaceful Sleep” gift set!

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Made By Miriam

Meet the creative, skillful mum behind the beautiful, shwe shwe eco-friendly fabric bowl covers. Do you know that her hands are not only skillful with a sewing machine by are also professionally trained for physiotherapy!

Meet the lady behind the Made by Mim label, Miriam Vaughn:” I moved to South Africa from England in 2016 with my husband and two young boys. By background I am a physiotherapist, but I decided to press pause on that ‘career’ to be a full time mum, and our third boy was born in 2018. I have always dabbled with creative / handicraft arts and what began as the pursuit of finding and making the perfectly-fitting baby slipper, evolved into ‘Made by Mim’. I was drawn to the bold and vibrant Shwe Shwe fabric, and gradually added to my range of products, often beginning with a friend asking ‘Can you make….?’ I love sewing, I love creating things from scratch and I love having a creative outlet whilst all the time being on-hand for the children. I chose to work largely with Shwe Shwe – It’s a versatile, high quality cotton and durable fabric, made in South Africa and with the most amazing colour range catering to all kinds of tastes!”

These lovely fabric covers are available as part of the Mompreneur gift range on our online shop, during the month of May. Pair together with a bowl and your choice of fudge, bath bomb or soap, and you have a complete gift set!

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Sky Home

The first time we introduced you to Sky Home Products, was as part of the Eden Gift Range. We featured their soothing lavender heat pax. Since then Sukoluhle has extended her skills to include a Bath Bomb Range! These bath bombs are bursting with fizz and fragrance and essential oils. They come in 3 different varieties: Rose, Lavender and Orange. These are available as part of the Mompreneur gift range on our online shop, throughout the month of May.

Tracy’s Beauty Salon

Tracy Dean is a beauty therapist who runs her Beauty Salon from her home in Rondebosch. She is an amazing therapist who gives her utmost to make sure her clients enjoy the most pampering experience possible! I can honestly say that every time I go to a treatment with Tracy I am utterly spoilt!

Tracy makes the most decadent body butters with a combination of oils (olive, sweet almond and coconut) and essential oils. Body butter not only moisturizes but also softens the skin & adds a natural fragrance. I love to pop some body butter in the bath for an extra touch of luxury! Her body butters come in a variety of options: Rose Geranium, Lavender, Neroli & Peppermint. These are available as part of the Mompreneur gift range on our online shop, throughout the month May. A very popular gift set is the Bath and Body Gift Set, which pairs together a body butter with a bath bomb (from Sky Home), and of course a little fudge treat!

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