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Meet Sukoluhle.

Sukoluhle Ndlovu lost one of her housekeeping jobs during lockdown. She needed to supplement her income to pay school fees for her son and get her daughter to college, as well as to support her extended family.  She had always wanted to learn to sew. A local GP was looking for the microwave bean bags that are perfect for painful neck and shoulder muscles and asked if she might try making some. After only a few lessons on the sewing machine her products were turning out beautifully.  Sourcing natural fabrics, locally made where possible. The beautiful heart shaped bean bags were added to the product range and so SkyHome was born. An old overlocker from someone leaving the country and the little business was looking more professional. Her daughter assists with photos, marketing and social media and a friend has been helping with the admin and some startup inputs. Her niece has been involved in some of the handwork for decorative details. SkyHome is based in Rondebosch and a tentative but warm network is being built in the local community, helping it to bloom where it is planted and giving the fledgling business hope.  Suko’s desire is that each product will be a blessing to the customer and their family. 

You can purchase this product as part of the Eden Gift Range, in the LOVE Box.

Or pair the HeartPax together with a beautifully handcrafted, scented candle and purchase the LOVE & JOY Combo Box.

Other products from SkyHome are also available on our online shop. Or you can contact them directly. Contact details are below.

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