Vanilla-bean Fudge


By far the creamiest fudge you have ever tasted. You see the black speckles? Those are the real vanilla pod grains that give this fudge its authentic vanilla taste.

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Condensed milk, butter, sugar, syrup, milk solids, organic vanilla bean powder.

Packaging options:

  • batch (>700g) cut into 24 blocks (approx 3cm)
  • batch (>700g) cut into 8 bars (approx 90g)
  • 5x bars (total approx weight 450g)
  • 15x fudge blocks (total approx weight 450g)

Additional information

Basic Order Options

1 batch cut into 24 blocks=R120, 1 batch cut into 8 bars=R120, 15x fudge blocks (approx 30g each)=R85, 5x fudge bars (approx 90g each)=R85


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