Salted Caramel Fudge


A dangerously delicious trilogy of butter, sugar and salt! What is so amazing about the glorious sweet-salt combination is that you experience them together, but taste them separately. (Credit should really go to our Creator who made our taste buds this way!) Be impressed by the fact that we use genuine “fleur de sel”. Don’t know what this is? Look it up and you’ll be super-impressed.

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Condensed milk, butter, sugar, syrup, milk solids, caramel sweets, fleur de sel.

Packaging Options:

  • unbranded: no individual packaging
  • branded packaging: packaged per 100g (i.e. 500g = 5 x 100g branded packets)
  • 150g branded boxes: (minimum order = 2 per fudge variety)

Additional information

Gourmet Fudge Options

Box (2x150g) – R80, Branded (500g) – R95, Branded (600g) – R114, Branded (700g) – R133, Branded (800g) – R152, Branded (900g) – R171, Unbranded (500g) – R90, Unbranded (600g) – R100, Unbranded (Batch ± 750g) – R115


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