Easter 2021

Easter certainly ranks as one of my favourite celebrations of the year. It’s a pity it has become so commercialised. For me it is fraught with meaning and pregnant with expectation. I can’t help but imagine the days of desolation leading up to the Resurrection Day and then the triumphant and victorious display of thundering splendour and wonder and just .. well, nothing short of something miraculous. Easter speaks to me of NEW life and NEW beginnings. And what’s not to celebrate there?

If nothing else, may Easter bring the hope of something NEW for you. May you have a sense of wonder and curiosity as you wait in anticipation for something new; something good. And maybe it’s not necessarily something new, maybe you’ll just be open to seeing that something in a new way. May your eyes be open to seeing it; receiving it.

I recently read this excerpt from one of Elizabeth Browning’s poems, which has profoundly encouraged me to open my eyes to see and appreciate all that is already around me:

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to have my eyes open to seeing the miracle of a burning bush, rather than just sit around and pluck the blackberries!

And I know I have shared previously on the power of HOPE, but how can we not remind ourselves again of this powerful concept, especially at this time of year ..

In the spirit of all things NEW, we have some delectably new fudge and other treats on offer for you this Easter! Check out our new “fudgy easter eggs“, and special baked treats from my baker friends in the community: shortbread bunny biscuits from Sam’s Fab Foods and wholesome, delicious cakes from a new Baker-friend, “Mama G”. You absolutely have to try her Almond and Poppyseed Cakes! Read more about Mama G’s bakes here, and watch this space ..you’re going to want to follow this lovely lady’s culinary journey! Click on the links below to shop these products via our online shop.

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