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Mama G

It’s no surprise that her first name is “Celeste”, because her baking is nothing short of celestial. After all, she does admit to hearing whispers from heaven with regards to recipe tips!

Directly after her family’s move to Cape Town (from JHB) in March 2020, Celeste was thrust into Lockdown along with the rest of us. It was hardly the introduction to Cape Town she had anticipated! However, as the weeks rolled into months she found the new family home being filled with her teenage son’s new friends from the neighbourhood. And as we all know, where there are teenagers, there is always a need for .. food! And so the kitchen became the heart of the home and Celeste Gillespie found a new joy starting to grow in her heart .. that of the culinary kind. The teenagers filed in, attracted to the heavenly smells and delicacies and it wasn’t long before they named her: “Mama G”.

It’s hard to believe that Mama G has only recently found an affinity for cooking, because her baked treats are sublime! She has a knack for combining the perfect mix of flavours (must be the heavenly whispers directing her) and is passionate about promoting whole-food cooking.

I’m so thrilled to incorporate two of her most delicious cakes into our online shop: Almond Cake (rich in almonds and topped with crumbled malted chocolate) and Poppy Seed Cake (rich in poppy seeds, and topped with white chocolate). Furthermore, you just have to try her delectable Cinnamon Buns (smothered in a lightly coffee-flavoured frosting). I haven’t tasted anything close!

Follow the links below to purchase directly via our online shop:

Follow Celeste on her culinary journey via Instagram here.

Baked By Mum

Meet Catherine Harrower. She is well known in Lynfrae Claremont and surrounds for her fruit-rich jams & preserves! She shares a bit about her inspiration:

My jams are inspired by my own mum who always fed us the best homemade food and instilled in me the love of foraging for blackberries in hedgerows and turning them into jams or pies. This was in England but when l moved to Cape Town eleven years ago, l was amazed by the abundance of quality fresh fruit and started jamming myself. My jam is all made by hand in small batches in the old-fashioned way, using whatever flavours inspire me at the time. I only use the simplest of ingredients to preserve the pure goodness of the fruit. It brings me joy to make it and l hope it brings you as much joy to eat it or gift it.”

Find an array of her fruit-rich jams on our Mompreneur Shop Page. If you can’t choose between the 3 delicious flavours, choose to buy a variety pack for only R110. The “Lavender and Lemon Treat Box” gift (at a neat R100 – for Lemon Curd, Lemon fudge, Lavender & Lemon Biscuits and Lavender Tea) was such a popular buy for Mother’s Day, we have kept it on our shop too. Or treat a friend to “Scones, Jam & Tea” @ R115.

Catherine also is an amazing baker! Follow her on Facebook to find out more about her amazing bakes.

Sam’s Fab Foods

Sam McTavish is the lady behind Sam’s Fab Foods. Having spent a number of years as the Tuckshop Manager at a well-known southern suburbs school, she knows her way around a kitchen! She has become well known among southern suburbs moms (and teachers!) as the go-to baker for Birthday cakes, school catering events and all sorts of treats for any occasion! Although she is most well-known for her delicious crunchies, her bakes vary from savoury to sweet. Each week she offers a R100 “variety box” of treats .. which will give you a chance to sample a number of her favourites.

She also makes nutritious ready-made meals and offers a variety of gluten-free baked products. She’s always trying out new recipes and is up for baking almost anything you desire!

To keep up to date with her Specials, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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