Easter 2016

I’m not one to commercialise the special occasion of “Easter” ..

One cannot deny the miraculous event that is indelibly marked on History’s calendar.  I love this story. It starts with death, but ends with life; an unusual reversal of the normal chain of events. But then this story is anything but normal. It starts with the tangible taste of despair; the feeling that all hope is lost; all of man’s deepest and darkest secrets and shame made into a blanket of death;  and then chained to the One in whom redemption was promised. Thank God (for all our sakes) it didn’t end there. You see, you can try to hide Truth; to smother it; to tape it up, over and over again. And then shove it in a dark tomb. You can try. But you won’t succeed. Because Truth is freedom and the Truth will set you free. And so this is the part where the ground shakes and the mountains tremble and that big stone gets rolled out the way and the dark-shattering, eye-blinding, all-encompassing light shines into the shady, dark corners of the tomb and sends the horrible, slimy darkness scampering away in shame. And LIFE bursts forth. And LOVE conquers. The Love that, on Friday had held battered hands to a cross; on Sunday, throws the keys of death’s dungeon away. Into oblivion. Forever. Wow. Now that sounds like something worth celebrating!

So if you choose to celebrate this occasion by indulging in a little treat (other than the customary chocolate), with family and friends, then we have some things on offer that may interest you.

Please browse through our Easter Catalogue and use the Order Form to place your order.

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