Cotton Wash Cloth


A beautiful organic cotton washcloth, made by Pure Touch (supporting the Ocean View community).

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Beautiful wash cloth made from organic cotton, by Pure Touch.

An eco-friendly and beautiful alternative to a common wash cloth that possibly contains micro-plastic. All Pure Touch products are biodegradable; kind to your skin and kind to the environment.

Pure Touch is a social enterprise that teaches women from the vulnerable community of Ocean View, Cape Town the skill of knitting and crocheting. This in turn helps them to create beautiful, high-quality and sustainable products that make a difference to the environment whilst uplifting themselves, their families and their community.

All their products are made from 100% natural, biodegradable and locally produced yarns. They only use yarns that come from sustainable resources like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and sisal, making all the products kind to the skin and the environment. When you buy a Pure Touch product,  you are not only supporting the use of more sustainable resources, but are also making a sustainable difference in the lives of the women who produce them.