Soap & Glove


A beautiful all-natural pairing of beautiful hand-made products: wash glove & soap. These products are made by ladies who are courageously uplifting their communities through their handiwork.

Choose to make the gift even more extravagant, by adding a luxurious all-natural body butter mini heart.

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Hemp & cotton wash glove / soap saver hand-made by the Ocean View ladies’ community at Pure Touch Products.

This round, double-sided wash glove is so versatile! It has two options of intensity for your scrubbing – hemp for a rougher feeling and pure organic cotton for a smooth wash. It can be worn as a glove over your hand or you could put the soap directly into it and wash that way!

All-natural soap, hand-made by the ladies at Give Her Hope Soap.

Double butter lotion bar (mini heart) by A Cake of Soap.

A lotion bar is basically a solid lotion (or butter). It might look like bar of soap, but it contains no soap. Our double butter lotion bars are vegan, they are made from only plant based butters and soy wax. The bar stays solid at room temperature and melts with body temperature. Ingredients: Soy Wax, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter, Vanilla Essential Oil.