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  • rum-raisin-fudge

    Rum & Raisin Fudge


    Raisins soaked in rum (for a while!) and then stirred into creamy fudge. The presence of the rum makes this fudge particularly smooth. This one really does melt in your mouth.

  • Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel Fudge


    A dangerously delicious trilogy of butter, sugar and salt! What is so amazing about the glorious sweet-salt combination is that you experience them together, but taste them separately. (Credit should really go to our Creator who made our taste buds this way!) Be impressed by the fact that we use genuine “fleur de sel”. Don’t know what this is? Look it up and you’ll be super-impressed.

  • Snack Attack

    Snack Attack Hamper


    The ultimate, gourmet snack pack with the right mix of sweet and savoury (trail mix, fruit dainties, droewors, Toblerone fudge and “Fudge Bark”).

  • strawberries-cream-fudge

    Strawberries & Cream Fudge


    Candied strawberry chunks and marshmallows tossed into the fudge mix. A good serving of sweet, just as strawberries should be.

  • Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth Hamper


    A delightful selection of sweet delicacies, with the fudge to match: Turkish Delight, Nougat, Turkish Delight Fudge, Nut Nougat Fudge, and decadent chocolate-covered fudge.

  • 1

    Teachers Gift Box


    Choose from a selection of uniquely designed gift box covers, especially suited to the occasion. The design options can be viewed in the Gallery below.  You can choose 2 different fudge varieties (one for each box). Choose from the options in the drop-down box below.

  • toblerone-fudge

    Toblerone Fudge


    No one does chocolate quite like the Swiss. And Toblerone chocolate, with its honey & almond nougat, is no exception. This fudge is definitely a gourmet favourite.

  • Turkish Delight Fudge

    Turkish Delight Fudge


    Traditionally know as “lokum”, Turkish Delight originated in Turkey as a confectionery treat hundreds of years ago. Since then it has successfully travelled the globe maintaining its status as a deemed delicacy. So irresistible, it’s no wonder that poor Edward (Narnia Chronicles) was tempted beyond his control! Bite into this fudge and savour that unmistakable rosewater taste.

  • vanilla-bean-fudge

    Vanilla-bean Fudge


    By far the creamiest fudge you have ever tasted. You see the black speckles? Those are the real vanilla pod grains that give this fudge its authentic vanilla taste.

  • velvet-midnight-fudge

    Velvet Midnight Fudge (70% chocolate)


    Smooth as velvet. Dark as midnight. Beyond decadent. Seriously dark chocolate (75% cocoa) is used to make this fudge. More chocolate. Less sugar. For those who prefer a less sweet taste.

  • Walnut Maple

    Walnut & Maple Syrup Fudge


    Chopped walnuts doused in maple syrup and then stirred into creamy fudge. Two distinct flavours merge to create perfect harmony.

  • White Choc 150g

    White Chocolate Fudge


    The ultimate in creamy, dreamy fudge! The reason? It contains real, white courverture chocolate. No vegetable fats added; just pure cocoa butter. And you’ll taste it.